As a general rule Local Authority customers find the installation of the banners and banner systems most cost effective using their own Street Lighting Departments or Council Contractors.  Business customers tend to use the services of independent contractors familiar with the outdoor media environment, or they use our own nation-wide team of aerial banner engineers.  In any case, we are more than happy to provide free technical support and on-site training as required.

Installation is very easy to get right - but also easy to get wrong; so please make sure that the installer reads the installation instructions carefully and follows the procedures to the letter. The installer must understand how the 'cantedg arm system works and how that keeps the banners tight. BannerFlex Standard D3 and Bannerflex Metro systems consist of 2 aluminium base plates and 2 pultruded fibreglass banner arms, the arms are manufactured with a 'set' or cant of 4 degrees such that, when no banner is present, the top arm can be seen to angle up and the bottom arm to angle down (BannerFlex Junior is a one-piece straight arm system unaffected by cant). When the banner is installed, the fibreglass arms conform to the rectangular shape of the banner by bending down slightly at the top of the banner and slightly up at the bottom. The final appearance is a tight, trim banner installation. This canting puts the outside edge of the banner in tension and allows the wind load to be immediately transferred to the fibreglass arms which, depending on the wind velocity will flex back and toward the centre of the banner, thereby spilling wind and absorbing some of the shock stress that gusting wind produces. This, in turn, puts less stress on the banner fabric promoting longer banner life and putting less vibration stress on the lamp column.

We are always happy to provide free of charge technical advice and on-site training if required by one of our dedicated aerial banner engineers, please contact us for assistance!

Of equal importance is the quality and specifications of fixings used to install the brackets to the lamp column.  We recommend that you use our Tamtorque high tensile stainless steel bands with worm drive mechanism,  which are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any diameter of post as follows:

Choose between the hand held 'Tg bar screwdriver that can alter its angle of drive for even greater torque or a special drill bit for speed and efficiency - our own fitters use both for even faster fitting. The stainless steel geared bands offer the great advantages of a tamperproof fixing, can be adjusted once installed, are re-usable and speeds up installation by over 50% compared to traditional banding on a roll. TIP: use your cordless drill to take up the 'Slack' in the band and use the 'T' bar screwdriver for the final 2 turns to get the best grip.

Traditional stainless steel banding on a roll can be used if preferred but it must be 19mm, and each band must be long enough to wrap around the post and bracket 2 ½ times to allow for double banding. Be sure that your fitter is well acquainted with the traditional banding tool method and understands how the buckling system and the specialist-banding tool operates. Full instructions for either method can be downloaded as a PDF and full technical support is only a phone call away.

Allow 50 minutes for your first banner installation and once the basics have been mastered allow 20 minutes per banner on-site. Subsequent banner changes allow 10 minutes per site. These timings are based on using a telescopic platform for access and a team of 2 engineers.

It is recommended that a new installation be visually inspected 30 days after initial installation to insure that the banner is tight and trim, and every 60 days thereafter. Also the same inspection should take place after unusually heavy winds. (full maintenance guidelines included in general installation instructions).

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