Lamp Column banners can be an ideal medium for attracting sponsorship from the private sector, and can in many cases lead to income generation for a Local Authority on a long term basis.

Over the past two years Brushwood Design Ltd has worked in close partnership with Immediate Solutions Ltd on lamp column banner projects all over the country.  Immediate Solutions Ltd are an established leading media company which has been working solely with local authorities throughout the UK for over 16 years.  The Company specializes in identifying, reporting and implementing sponsorship opportunities irrespective of whether revenue or direct sponsorship is the ultimate goal.

As a partnership, we are all too aware of the problems facing local authority departments, ie:

“Ever increasing budget cuts”

“Limited resources to implement various criteria”

“Demanding schedules and new guidelines, making unrealistic proposals to the authority”

“No time or experience in sponsorship”

“Lack of knowledge in identifying viable initiatives”

With our vast joint knowledge of our own specialist fields, Brushwood Design Ltd and Immediate Solutions Ltd are able to deliver and implement sustainable lamp column banner initiatives with no cost to the local authority.

Benefits of sponsorship for the local authority:

Sponsorship can:

Working in Partnership:

In any banner initiative our core principle is to work in partnership with the Local Authority, ensuring campaigns are sympathetic to the image of the Council, be in-keeping and corporate. We are able to deliver all objectives facing councils through our vast experience and expertise in council sponsorship / advertising schemes.  We have an extensive sales force along with a broad blue chip client base of:

International Companies ~ National Companies ~ Regional Companies ~ Local Companies

Our team of specialist sponsorship consultants, national sales account managers, business development managers, telesales, technical personnel and designers, all ensure an efficient and professional service in every aspect of council sponsorship / advertising schemes.  
Our experience of working closely with a broad client base ranging from major multi-nationals to small local companies has given us a detailed understanding of the requirements relating to individual councils.

Please contact us at sales@brushwood.co.uk or call 01769 574501 to arrange a joint meeting to discuss any potential sponsorship opportunities you may have.

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