BannerFlex Standard D3 Airow

The Standard BannerFlex D3 is designed for use on larger diameter lamp columns and/or where a larger banner is preferred. 

The revolutionary BannerFlex D3 AIROW utilizes a specially shaped CNC-tapered fiberglass arm to achieve a dramatic increase in wind-spillage. Our extensive research and testing has resulted in the development of a system which dramatically reduces the stresses transferred to the lamp column, a crucial factor that all Engineers regard as a priority when attaching banners to lighting stock.  Please see our wind tunnel test page for wind-load data and interactive wind force calculator

Key to the BannerFlex systems ability to withstand high winds is our unique and patented ‘cantilever’ arm and casting design, which holds the banner under constant tension.  When the wind blows, the force is immediately transferred from the taught banner to the fibreglass arms, which then flex and help dissipate the energy.  This all important wind spill factor is crucial in protecting the banner from excessive wear and greatly reduces the forces exerted onto the lamp column.

The system comprises of 2 tempered cast aluminium brackets and 2 UV treated fibreglass arms.   The universal bracket allows the BannerFlex system to be mounted on almost any type of pole, regardless of shape or surface, using stainless steel geared straps, traditional banding or bolts.  The arms slide into the brackets and are held in place by stainless steel set screws; a hitch pin offers an added safety feature.  The quality materials eliminate corrosion, discolouration and peeling of paint.  BannerFlex can accommodate one or two banners per pole.


Delivery Lead-times: We always keep stock of all hardware and fixings with normal lead-times 3-10 working days from date of order to delivery.

BannerFlex Warranty:

BannerFlex banner brackets are guaranteed for 10 years against defects in material and workmanship when installed according to our installation instructions using either our Tamtorque screw-gear stainless steel bands or traditional stainless steel banding.  Also and as a condition, inspection must take place 30 days after initial installation and every 60 days thereafter, making any necessary adjustments immediately.  Brackets that have been damaged by high sided or wide vehicles or flying debris are not warranted against that type of abuse.

BannerFlex Patent: Protected by US Patent #4880195
PDF Installation Instructions
PDF Technical Specifications

Key Features:

  • Durable Almag alloy bracket with 4 diametric screws and hitch pin to hold banner arm securely in place.
  • UV treated fibreglass banner arms (CNC tapered or 20mm diameter round): removable and adjustable, flex under wind loading allowing air to spill off the outside of the banner thus reducing stress on the banner and lamp column.
  • Unique canted banner arm design: Top arm is canted up, bottom arm is canted down, and when banner is installed the canted arms put the banner under tension to transfer wind force to the fibreglass.  Produces a taut, tight and trim banner appearance with no ‘flopping’ or ‘sagging’
  • Tested to withstand up to 120mph wind force.
  • Banner arms can be supplied in any length to suit banner size required
  • Universal bracket for installation onto round/square/octagonal/fluted /tapered lamp standards
  • Integral cast loop for anchoring banner with nylon-ties
  • Available in black powder-coated finish if preferred
  • Can accommodate one or two banners per pole.
  • Engineered for durability with no moving or mechanical parts to wear-out
  • Bannerflex Standard D3 is ideally suited to pole diameters of 120mm and over and/or to accommodate a maximum banner size of 750mm x 3000mm

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